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Why Financial Institutions Need Customer Analytics

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod
6/29/15 4:24 PM

Is your financial company’s contact center in the best possible position to acquire, retain and improve relationships with customers?
Are you hampered by incomplete agent training, subpar visibility into how your customers think and feel, lackluster oversight from managers or an inability to provide added value for existing customers who reach out?
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Four Types of Data You Should Be Measuring in Your Contact Center

Posted by John Rake
6/25/15 4:36 PM

The majority of contact center advancements today are centered on the promise of big data and analytics. For example, digital customer service channels like live chat and videoconferencing invite (or even mandate) customers to enter data about themselves or their service inquiry prior to an interaction.

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Improving Contact Center Agent Effectiveness: Generating ROI With a 21st Century Contact Center

Posted by John Rake
6/23/15 6:30 AM

If you’re looking to improve your contact center operations, hiring qualified agents and deploying a top-of-the-line customer relationship management solution are certainly steps in the right direction. These measures, however, are not the only pieces to the contact center puzzle. If you want to truly maximum your contact center’s value by transforming it from just a service hub to an ROI generator, you are going to have to go a bit further:

Create New Opportunities Using Big Data

Every interaction your employees have with customers generates information, and this information, taken as a whole, is commonly referred to as big data. If you don’t have the ability to collect and analyze information efficiently in your contact center right now, you are missing out on a whole sea of readily available business intelligence that you could be using to improve processes across your entire company.

For instance, with contact center software that can identify trending words and topics from all conversations and display them on a screen in real time, a manager would be able to recognize immediately when many consumers are calling to ask about a specific product. That information could be shared with the marketing department, which could create a special promotion—such as a “2 for 1”—giving customers an opportunity to save money on a purchase and helping your company boost sales. In the past, marketing would have had to track sales numbers for days or weeks to come up with a special offer; with real-time analytics, it can be accomplished almost immediately.  

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How to Resolve Top Customer Service Complaints

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
6/18/15 10:15 AM

Frustration is probably the single most common side effect of customer service. Not getting the answers we want or finding a solution to our problem is an experience most of us can identify with when it comes to dealing with service agents or company websites.

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Improving Customer Experience: Why Spending on a Contact Center Solution Is a Smart Investment

Posted by John Rake
6/15/15 4:21 PM

As an executive, nothing excites you more than signing up a new client. The satisfaction you get from knowing a customer is putting his or her trust in you is exhilarating, and the positive financial impact is always welcome.

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New Customer Service Survey Highlights the Importance of Human Interaction

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
6/11/15 11:47 AM

Customer_service_survey-045954-editedToday’s world of customer service—filled with digital and self-service channels like Web chat, co-browsing, SMS and in-store kiosks—looks entirely different than it did decades ago when customer service was characterized by a person-to-person experience, be it in-person or over the phone. The findings of a new survey conducted by J.D. Power, however, show that there is still a desire for that human touch, despite the surge of digital channels, especially when it comes to their banking experience.

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Improving Customer Service: Seven Customer Service Stats Every Executive Needs to Know Keyword

Posted by John Rake
6/9/15 9:30 AM

You’ve probably heard it more times than you can count by now: Customer service is a crucial differentiator for businesses. Simply hearing that message repeated frequently may make you a little numb to it and take away some of its power—but don’t let that happen; the message is of such significance that you should keep it uppermost in your thoughts. As an executive, what matters most to you when planning strategies, however, is empirical data, because the more information you have at your disposal, the more likely you are to make a sound business decision.

In that spirit, we’ve compiled a “lucky seven” pack of statistics that clearly illustrate just how critical the customer experience is in today’s marketplace, and how important improving customer service in your organization will be moving forward:

  1. Some 68 percent of businesses planned to increase customer service spending in 2014—Call Center IQ, 2014 Call Center Executive Priorities Report
  1. By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator—Walker, Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience
  1. At least 62 percent of companies view customer experience provided through contact centers as a competitive differentiator—Deloitte, 2013 Global Contact Center Survey
  1. A full 88 percent of consumers speak with live representatives on the phone at least some of the time—NICE Systems, Global Customer Experience Survey
  1. In 2013, 51 percent of U.S. consumers switched service providers due to poor customer service experiences, up 5 percent from the previous year—Accenture, 2013 Global Consumers Pulse Survey
  1. As much as 63 percent of 1,620 consumers tested under laboratory conditions said they felt their heart rate increase when they thought about receiving great customer service—American Express Service Study
  1. About 84 percent of survey respondents said their company’s executives are fully committed to their company’s customer experience goals—Temkin Group, Data Snapshot: CX Expectations and Plans for 2014
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Contact Center Agents Have Spoken: They Want Better Technology

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
6/5/15 12:04 PM

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Contact Center Agent Coaching: Are You Doing Your Part to Help Agents Improve Performance?

Posted by John Rake
6/2/15 7:30 AM

Companies expect a lot out of their contact center agents, and with good reason: Agents carry a lot of responsibility in terms of upholding the company reputation and providing a consistent, positive customer experience. Agents directly represent the company, so it’s worth spending some time ensuring they are properly and efficiently trained. If your agents are not well-trained, performance will inevitably decline, as will customer satisfaction and, eventually, business revenue.

Ensure your agents can perform to their utmost ability by implementing quality agent training software, such as Envision’s Click2Coach, which gives you the tools you need to facilitate excellent customer-to-agent interactions. Click2Coach is a no hassle way to use in-house data that’s gathered by the software to coach your agents and improve the vitality of your company.

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Contact Center Agent Coaching: Are You Stuck With Cookie-Cutter Evaluations?

Posted by John Rake
5/26/15 9:30 AM

You’ve spent all week observing your contact center agents’ performance and are finally ready to sit down and write your evaluations. Unfortunately, from past experience, you know that you’re going to have to jam a square peg into a round hole to complete these reports, because you are still using cookie-cutter evaluation forms. Rating your representatives on a 1-5 scale for a number of basic categories gives them only a surface-level view of their performance and areas for improvement, thereby limiting your ability to conduct effective contact center agent coaching and training.

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