24 Ways Our Contact Center Software Makes Your Life Easier

Posted by Linda Caudle

6/3/13 1:42 PM


24 reasons why you should use Envision contact center software.

1. Capture the right data to make intelligent decisions.
2. Continuously improve your agents’ effectiveness.
3. Transform your customer relationships.


4. Quickly identify and measure trends so you can take action to make improvements.
5. Tie internal and external data together for full-circle analysis of the interaction.
6. Easily compare customer survey results to internal evaluations so you can pinpoint discrepancies.
7. Get a Net Promoter Score to understand how likely your customers are to recommend you.


8. Search for recordings by customer name or account number, and many other flexible criteria.
9. Quickly access the recordings you need and play them back within seconds.
10. Customize evaluations to assess agent performance according to your unique requirements.
11. Analyze speech by converting audio into text and evaluate the interactions.
12. Eliminate the need to store encrypted data either by not capturing it, or by digitally blurring out sensitive data on screen.
13. Simply record everything for compliance if necessary.


14. Effortlessly combine adherence, quality, back office, speech analytics and customer feedback scores to produce oneNet Performance Score for each agent or group of agents.
15. Deliver evaluations, feedback, links and brief videos as one coaching package to agents in minutes and when the time is right.
16. Put evaluations, coaching and workforce management schedules right at the agent’s fingertips in one convenient agent portal.
17. Continuously provide feedback to agents through coaching so they can make every interaction excellent.


18. Capture onscreen activities, such as keystrokes, applications and visited URLs before, during and after interactions.
19. Report on agent workflow and activities before, during and after an interaction for a complete picture of customerinteractions.
20. Easily integrate back office, non-call activities through your workforce management system.


21. Forecast single and multi-skilled scheduling with flexible algorithms using a variety of what-if examples.
22. Keep managers on top of schedules and your agents on track with real-time adherence.
23. Give your agents the opportunity to select their desired shifts according to seniority with shift-bidding.
24. Take advantage of easy, step-by-step guidelines featured throughout the product with our Steps to Success™ program.

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