Are You Doing Your Best as a Contact Center Supervisor?

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

3/25/16 1:30 PM

Do_your_best.jpgIf your superior were to ask you whether or not you think you’re doing your best, could you confidently answer yes? While this is a tough question, ask it of yourself every once in a while nevertheless to measure whether you’re on top of your game.

As a contact center supervisor, you drive the success of your call center. Your performance undoubtedly affects the business unit’s overall performance and drives customer satisfaction for better or for worse.

If you’re somehow falling short in the fulfillment of your duties, you can be sure that employees will notice and start to mirror your behavior. Soon they will be taking a laissez-faire approach to their jobs, and your bottom line will quickly reflect this attitude.

That’s why it’s important to have a set of best practices in place that will keep you honest about your performance and ensure that you’re leading your team of employees to success, as follows:

  • Be a student: All too often, contact center managers get complacent in their roles. Just because the call center may be running effectively doesn’t mean you get to sit back and relax. Be a student and discover new ways of doing things. For example, travel to conferences to find new, innovative ways to motivate or train your staff.
  • Always be communicative: Don’t leave your contact center agents in the dark. Create a collaborative environment in which feedback is welcomed and valued. Make sure you provide consistent and timely feedback and reinforcement. For example, conduct routine evaluations of the agent’s calls and share them promptly. When needed, offer additional training.
  • Be accountable: Not every quarter is going to be a home run. There will be times in which your department falls short of its goals. Perhaps, for example, your department didn’t service as many tickets this quarter as last. When this happens, it’s important that you take accountability and work positively toward making changes.
  • Build a welcoming environment: You set the tone for your team of employees. The most successful supervisors create a welcoming work environment by establishing a good rapport with their employees and encouraging core values, such as teamwork, creativity, responsibility and excellence.
  • Use data to your advantage: Don’t make important decisions based on gut feelings, as they are often inaccurate and hard to defend. Rather, make better, more informed decisions using all of the valuable data that you have at your fingertips. For example, you have a ton of contact center KPIs that can help you develop better training manuals and policies.

As a contact center supervisor, you have a lot of responsibilities, from training your staff to meeting key contact center performance goals to analyzing customer issues. With all of these responsibilities, it’s easy to get thrown off track.

Make sure that you do a gut check each month or so to determine whether you’re performing at your best. If you sense that you’re getting off-kilter, review the best practices listed above and reset your compass for true north.



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