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Posted by Rodney Kuhn

9/10/14 12:26 PM


As a contact center manager who is passionate about your job, chances are you’ve read more than a few articles containing tips for improving customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, many of these pieces provide only vague guidance and, after a while, they may begin to blend together.If you’ve been looking for more specific suggestions about how to step up your customer service game, you’ve come to the right place. The following is a road map for improving customer relationships, complete with step-by-step directions to your service destination.

Step 1: Upgrade agent coaching capability

An effective contact center starts with agents who deliver your brand message clearly, professionally and courteously. Most of your customers will never interact directly with any other department of your business, meaning their experiences with agents often form their entire perspective of your organization.

No matter how robust your new-hire training program is, ongoing coaching is the most effective way to maintain a standard of excellence over the long term. Best-in-class contact center software helps you create and send custom coaching packages to agents, increasing effectiveness by tailoring materials for each employee’s specific areas for improvement. You can bundle a quick video, a link to a best practices guide and a sample call, and send the package right from your desk with no hassle.

Step 2: Do more with data

Today’s technology produces mountains of valuable data. This information is critical in the contact center because recognizing trends can help you make adjustments in real time or, in some cases, even predict future behavior. But the sheer volume of available information can also make it difficult to evaluate without proper tools.

Speech analytics identifies words or phrases that crop up most often at any given time, which lets you investigate whether a larger problem is brewing and begin to take corrective action immediately if necessary. End-to-end contact center solutions also provide desktop analytics that gives you a clearer picture of your agents by tracking keystrokes, data entry, screen navigation and other activities.

Step 3: Give customers a real voice

Honest feedback from customers is like gold for contact center managers like you; nothing gives you clearer insight into how consumers feel about your service and what practices they’d like to see changed, eliminated or expanded moving forward.

With the right software, you can align your goals with customer feedback by comparing your internal agent evaluations to survey results and identifying any significant differences. Your agent evaluation is always important but, ultimately, the customer’s perception of the service experience is what counts.

Of course, there all kinds of ways to improve customer satisfaction, but deploying a fully baked software solution and focusing on these three steps are a perfect place to start. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.

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Four ways to dramatically improve customer experiences.

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