Best Practices of Rolling Out Your Customer Surveys

Posted by Linda Caudle

9/27/13 12:09 PM


There’s a reason why consumer surveys have stood the test of time; the traditional tactic is a proven method to gain critical voice of the customer data, which is paramount for improving customer satisfaction. However, soliciting feedback from your customers can often feel like pulling teeth.

Today’s consumers don’t have the time or patience to fill out long-winded surveys or questionnaires, which makes it all the more important to build an effective survey. Below are a few tips and tricks to creating a successful survey.

  1. Clearly define your goal: When creating a survey it’s important to spend time identifying your objectives and setting a well-defined goal. For example, do you want to gather information about customer satisfaction or the effectiveness of your agents? Zeroing in on a clear objective will help you craft your questions.
  2. Keep it short and sweet: To ensure both the quality and quantity of responses, you must keep your survey short and focused. Research shows that higher abandonment rates occur after 11 minutes, so get to the point quickly.
  3. Ask simple questions: The type of questions you ask will determine what kind of information is collected. Avoid using unfamiliar, complex jargon or acronyms as this will just confuse your consumers. Using a rating scale is a simple way to avoid any confusion.
Pre-test: Test your survey internally to work out any glitches or issues that may unexpectedly arise.

Offer an incentive: Reward your consumers for giving you their time by offering them an incentive. Research from SurveyMonkey shows that incentives boost response rates by 50 percent on average.
While surveys are a great way to measure consumer sentiments, in order to really understand the voice of the customer, data needs to not only be collected, but it also needs to be carefully deciphered. In other words, it’s not just about what the customer said, but rather what the customer meant.

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