Call Recording: A Powerful CX Tool, But Not a CX Strategy

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

7/15/16 2:30 PM

Call_Recording.jpgCall recording is a mainstay within the contact center, utilized by organizations for everything from agent training to risk management to compliancy assurance. Most importantly, however, call recording can (and should) be used to transform the customer experience (CX).

By reliably recording calls and providing actionable insights, organizations can improve countless performance metrics such as customer satisfaction, overall call quality, first call resolution and average hold time. Call recording, however, is not a CX strategy.

Among many things, a strong CX strategy requires a clear, customer-focused vision; an understanding of who customers are as well as their wants, needs and challenges; and an ability to emotionally connect with customers. When used correctly, call recording can be an invaluable tool for supporting a CX strategy, helping contact center managers achieve various CX-related goals.

It’s important to note this difference, considering the growing importance of the customer experience within the contact center. Ninety-six percent of organizations surveyed last year by Deloitte, for example, said they expect call center growth within the next two years in order to support new CX demands. At the same time, 85 percent view CX provided through the contact center as a competitive differentiator.

The right call recording solution can transform the customer experience from both an operational and strategic standpoint. Let’s explore this further…

Operational Benefits of Call Recording

It’s critical that agents continuously receive feedback that can help them improve performance and the overall customer experience. But with managers barely keeping their heads above water, it’s becoming exceedingly difficult for agents to receive the personalized, one-on-one training they need.

Just consider that the average coaching allocation ratio within today’s contact center is 20:1. For managers, this means being responsible for effectively coaching a group of agents the size of a small classroom—all while handling innumerable daily tasks and other priorities. The thought is nothing short of daunting.

With an advanced call recording solution, managers can record phone calls, screen activity from desktops, agent keystrokes and application workflows conducted by agents in order to create customized coaching lessons online. These lessons can be sent directly to specific agents at specific times in order to maximize productivity, verses overwhelm or distract. Agents can be coached, for example, on how to more efficiently use the organization’s CRM system or how to better cross-sell or up-sell. Meanwhile, managers can review agents’ progress over time to ensure they are progressing in alignment with CX goals.

Strategic Benefits of Call Recording

It’s frightening to think that 80 percent of contact centers  believe their current customer service systems won’t meet their future needs. Advanced call recording (such as a hosted or cloud-based system) is agile enough to accommodate internal changes on the fly, while enabling supervisors to better anticipate and meet ever-changing customer needs.

Management can gain a better understanding of why customers are contacting their organization; what products or services are detracting from a superior CX; and discover moments where customers are being underserved by their organization. Businesses can flag call recordings, for example, based on key words or phrases spoken; keystrokes of agents; or codes entered into the CMS in order to identify anything from issues with the company’s billing infrastructure to poor CX practices.

Ultimately, the value of call recording is found in what managers actually do with the information they receive from their recordings. By using recordings for operational and strategic transformation, managers will assure customers that when they hear the words, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance,” their organization is truly making every interaction count towards a stellar CX.

Want to learn more about the competitive benefits of call recording? Check this out.

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