Contact Center Data Capture: It’s Not Just for Voice Calls Anymore

Posted by John Rake

5/18/15 8:00 AM

Click2coach workforce optimizationContact center data capture and recording solutions have come a long way since their early days. In years past, supervisors might have occasionally recorded a voice interaction to help them evaluate agent performance using simple, generic evaluation forms. But with innovative contact center software like Click2Coach, managers can now capture a plethora of information across a variety of channels that can be used to evaluate and train agents.

Rather than simply capturing voice calls, Click2Coach records a representative’s screen, all desktop maneuvers and workflow that agents conduct before, during and after an interaction. The software also features enhanced search functionality that helps managers quickly find relevant recordings. With the software’s flexibility, agents can conduct searches and sort interactions using a variety of categories such as:

  • Any keyword
  • Call duration time codes
  • ANI or DNIS information
  • Incoming phone number
  • Customer account number

Furthermore, this revolutionary desktop client works well in a multichannel environment, as it automatically records phone interactions, e-mail conversations, social media posts or chat sessions. Regardless of the channel where the interaction took place, supervisors have access to pertinent information right at their fingertips.

For agent evaluations, Click2Coach offers customizable options to ensure each agent can be evaluated based on a company’s internal standards. These flexible evaluation templates are easy to create and can be used by all supervisors across an entire organization. Once evaluations are completed, managers can send them right from their desktops to their employees as part of a coaching package that could also include:

  • Short video clips created on the fly that offer tips to agents
  • Any existing collateral—such as a best practices guide—for agent coaching
  • Examples of “great calls” sent to agents so they can use them as a guide
  • Motivational recognition and team or individual incentives delivered to agents’ desktops

Recording with Click2Coach allows your supervisors to identify potential problems and train agents more effectively than ever before. Not only will your company save time and money detecting and rectifying issues quickly, but your agents will deliver the kind of customer service that leaves consumers satisfied and loyal for the long term.

Click here to schedule a Click2Coach demo today and witness firsthand the impact it can have in your contact center.

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