Contact Center Data Capture: Making Sense of It

Posted by Linda Caudle

9/17/13 12:04 PM


Times have certainly changed in the contact center sphere. Traditional brick and mortar contact centers are no longer the king of the hill as today’s contact center is more technologically advanced, deploying sophisticated solutions meant to capture data from today’s 21st century customer.

To gain unprecedented insight into customer interactions and help improve the overall customer experience, today’s contact centers are turning to contact center data capture with desktop and speech analytics. However, the data gathered from these solutions is nothing but a pile of miscellaneous words and phrases unless businesses are able to sift through the data to find what’s important.

Envision, a company that provides innovative contact center solutions to help organizations optimize their workforces, boasts desktop and speech analytics solutions that give businesses a complete picture of what’s happening before, during and after a customer interaction, including everything from desktop keystrokes to email conversations.

Speech Analytics
Oftentimes, customers and agents may say one thing but mean another. To ensure clear communication, Envision’s speech analytics solution not only documents customer interactions, but also gives contact centers insight into what’s really behind a customer-agent dialogue. For example, the solution captures speech so companies can analyze audio and convert it to text, making it easier to spot important key words or phrases.

Speech isn’t the only thing that can be measured as the solution also collects information from other channels like email, social media, and chat conversations. After aggregating the data, the solution can help contact center managers identify recurring trends.

Desktop Analytics
With Envision’s desktop analytics solution, contact centers are able to collect information typed on their screen, Computer-Telephone (CTI) data and workflow activities taking place at an agent’s desktop during a customer interaction with the ability to track specific applications or websites agents are using.

From the moment an interaction starts to when it comes to its natural conclusion, Envision gives a clear picture of everything an agent says and does (or neglects to say and do). Once an interaction is captured, you can easily tie the pertinent desktop workflow back to that conversation. By leveraging the solution, businesses gain greater visibility into both sides of the customer experience which can be used to train and coach agents to be more efficient and productive.

By using speech and desktop analytics to extract and analyze only meaningful data, contact centers are able to make better, more informed business decisions.

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