Contact Center Data Capture: What is NOT Being Said is Important

Posted by Linda Caudle

12/10/12 6:07 PM


In a global workforce, creating customer continuity is important in establishing a unified customer experience. A contact center executive may identify one center that is performing below other centers. A single contact center can employ hundreds of individual agents and while these agents all receive the same training, performance can vary greatly between agents. 

From an analytic standpoint; why does one facility perform better than others in terms of revenue or customer satisfaction? If two agents have received identical training, why does one perform on-par while the other does not? Contact center data capture can help.


Keyword analysis through Envision’s toolset can help pinpoint specific words or phrases that can influence return on investment, and opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. By listening to recorded calls, a supervisor can identify keyword areas where an agent is strong and areas that need to be improved. This is an invaluable tool for coaching and training agents. High-performing agents can be used to create best practices that can be shared with other agents.


But equally important to what is being said, is what is NOT being said by an agent during a call. Envision’s tools can identify areas that require more agent coaching if a sale is not being made, or script adherence needs to be improved.

This sort of keyword analysis is especially useful in customer service contact centers handling inbound calls for global airlines. An agent may have difficulty asking for a sale or might miss an opportunity to up-sell a product or service. Recorded calls provide a perfect coaching opportunity to evaluate gaps in coaching.

Understanding which words can have a positive or negative impact on the customer experience can be difficult without benchmarks of successful models in the system to identify what is working and what is not. Ensuring that contact center agents are delivering superior brand experience takes more than just quality monitoring, it requires a specific toolset for that agent.

Envision’s software and world-class experience can identify this missing part of the puzzle.

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