Contact Centers Continue to Look to the Cloud

Posted by Linda Caudle

7/18/14 9:36 AM


There’s a reason why 62 percent of organizations are using some type of cloud-based contact center solution as part of their operation – and why more than 18 percent of contact center seats will be delivered by cloud-based contact center infrastructure providers by the end of 2015. Simply put, cloud computing is changing the way contact centers do business. 

The cloud offers a wide variety of benefits for contact centers of all shapes and sizes including:  

  • Lowered CAPEX: Web-based delivery eliminates traditional start-up and integration costs. Moreover, companies don’t have to invest exorbitant amounts in switches and other hardware–such as servers and CTI–is no longer necessary.
  • Easier Maintenance and Upgrades: Cloud computing takes the pressure off of your in-house IT team as the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining and managing your server, software and network.
  • Greater Flexibility: With the cloud, users are able to scale their needs up or down depending on the given circumstance. In addition, users are able to download software and be up and running in as little as an hour – saving time and money.

At Envision, we recently introduced Click2Coach Cloud, a cloud-based, downloadable application that delivers enterprise-class functionality to contact centers of any size in under an hour, which eliminates the $50,000 to $100,000 of startup costs that could often prevent adoption. Talk about cost savings.

Click2Coach Cloud is a complete recording, evaluation, coaching and agent analytics application that enables contact centers to capture phone, CTI, application workflow and desktop data. By collecting the right data from customer interactions, the software helps companies gain insight into operations and trends and improve the overall customer experience.

To learn more about Click2Coach Cloud, click here.

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