Create a Strategic Impact with Your Contact Center Solutions

Posted by Linda Caudle

6/4/13 1:55 PM


Your customers interact with you in many different ways…via phone, chat, e-mail, and surveys and now through social media channels. Every interaction, or voice of the customer, provides a wealth of data about that customer’s perception of your brand.

Not only do you gain insight from the spoken or written word between the customer and your business, but you also have access to a multitude of “other” data through contact center solutions. This other data include everything from what’s being entered on the desktop to information from the computer-telephone integration to the statistics being collected in the back office all of which affects the customer’s experience.

So the real questions become, “How do I make sense of the huge amount of intelligence available to me and make changes in my business that will impact my bottom line and keep my customers happy?”

Strategic impact can be achieved from identifying trends over time through information from key words or phrases that affect your organization as well as the vast amounts of data collected during every customer interaction. Immediately having access to the customer’s words and data brings to light the necessary information that business executives need in order to make well-informed, strategic business decisions before the business is negatively affected.

Here are some examples of the types of data that can be captured and used to create a strategic impact on your organization:

Trending reports for why customers are calling – Understanding the ‘why’ question to what makes your customers call can help you get to the core of your service. Reports that help you understand what customers are thinking before they pick up the phone can be beneficial in how your structure your callers and offerings.

Profitability by product or offering – Is one particular product or offering outshining the rest? Having detailed information about what services are making you the most money can help you plan out future products, what to highlight, and what to give more attention to.

Cost of service by product or offering – Do you really know your overhead for particular products or offerings? One may be bringing in money, but if your cost of service is high, you won’t be profitable.

Profitability or cost by customer or customer segments – Understanding how different customer segments spend is essential to marketing, positioning, and details in how you offer your services.

Lifecycle of an interaction – Sometimes one customer can go through many stages of a call, or speak with many different people. Breaking down performance and satisfaction during those different segments can help you improve your service.

Summary reports for trending topics – Gathering reporting can be highly beneficial to get a high-level look at what’s going on in your organization. Generating reports is perfect for communicating data to other departments, coworkers, or superiors.

By harnessing some of these valuable tools in call center management systems like Envision, you can begin to think strategically about your organization and adopt your practices to best fit your customer. When you use programs like Envision to their fullest extent, it will not only benefit you and your team, but also your customers.

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