Customer Experience Not Your Core Competency? Just Reach Out for Help

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

11/10/14 11:22 AM


By now, you’ve probably read and heard quite a bit about how critical customer service is in today’s marketplace. Several market research firms have recently released reports touting the customer experience as an increasingly critical differentiator and have also predicted that it will grow even more important in the years to come.

Understanding that improving consumer experiences and creating customer loyalty can have a direct impact on your bottom line is a great starting point, but not all that helpful if you aren’t sure how to accomplish those objectives. The contact center is often the first place customers interact with your company, and as such your agents must be well-trained and professional at all times. But even if you already employ a few contact center service experts, training or retraining dozens or even hundreds of contact center agents to convey your brand message may seem overwhelming.

Your expert supervisors can’t be in 10 different places on the contact center floor at once, so it’s impossible for them to give call representatives the individual training and coaching they need. Unless, of course, you have the foresight to adopt a comprehensive contact center solution like Envision’s Click2Coach. 

Click2Coach contact center software is easy to deploy because it can integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM. Once you have this innovative solution, you can leverage your managers’ expertise by giving them a broad view of the entire contact center floor in real time. Click2Coach helps these supervisors recognize developing trends, monitor agent performance and provide training and coaching—all without leaving their desks. The software provides supervisors with features including, but not limited to:

  • The ability to capture speech, convert it to text and search for key words and phrases to help identify trends
  • Data collection from a wide array of communications channels such as phone recordings, email, social media and chat. Managers can also collect and analyze data collected from agents’ desktop keystrokes and workflow
  • Customized coaching packages consisting of training videos, documents or other materials that managers can put together on the fly and send to agents in an instant

In addition to Click2Coach, Envision offers consulting services provided by experts with at least 20 years of experience related to improving customer satisfaction. These experts will evaluate quality programs, benchmark coaching efforts and assess your company’s use of voice of the customer data in your contact center. So, if you’re looking to get a different perspective on your contact center operations, a consultant may be your best bet.

Every business has its strengths and weaknesses, and if your company is opening a new contact center or is flying blind trying to improve the one you already operate, it may be time to call in a little outside assistance. Because everybody needs some help some time.


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