Customer Retention Starts with the Contact Center

Posted by Linda Caudle

10/21/13 3:11 PM


It’s no secret that exceptional customer service is the key to retaining customers and increasing revenue. In fact, companies that prioritize the customer experience generate 60 percent higher profits than their competitors, according to a Gartner study titled “How to Approach Customer Experience Management.”

In today’s “Age of the Customer,” the contact center has emerged as a strategic asset for many companies, as it is often the first and sometimes only point of contact for consumers. A company’s contact center could turn one-time prospects into loyal life-long customers or drive customers right into the hands of the competition depending on how they handle the customer experience.

While in the past the role of a contact center was to simply monitor call quality, it is now responsible for gathering critical voice of the customer data, which can then be used to improve the customer experience and reduce customer churn.

Voice of the customer data can be hugely beneficial in identifying trends, defining a company’s strategy, and diving deeper inside the mind and motivation of the customer. It can help capture customer thoughts, expectations, preferences, and aversions – brining it all into one place where a company can look and understand exactly what the customer is saying about the company, its products and customer experiences.

Moreover, voice of the customer data can reveal reasons behind long call times or high call volumes, which can then used to improve overall operations.

Bottom line: the most successful customer retention efforts start within the contact center.

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