Customer Service: The Next Big Thing vs. the Right Thing

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

7/9/15 2:50 PM

next_big_thingWhen a new gadget drops, everyone has to have it. It’s why a record number of customers waited hours on end last September to own the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, according to research from CNBC.

But customers aren’t the only ones with an appetite for the next big thing; contact center managers can also be enticed by what’s shiny and new—perhaps without considering the long-term business value of the acquisition. Today, managers have more options than ever when it’s time to invest in a new contact center software solution. This is a sentiment echoed by the Aberdeen Group in a recent report titled “Flash Forward: Change Your Mindset to Get Your Customer Experience Future-Ready.”

It’s important that these decision makers know how to navigate potentially murky waters and identify the tools that are most likely to meet their businesses’ needs, allowing them to compete more aggressively and gain more insight into their customers’ service expectations and journeys.

So, which investments are worth contact center managers’ time and money? To answer this question, managers must first determine their largest challenges. For instance, according to Aberdeen, the top challenge facing executives is the ability to track and recognize fluctuating buyer preferences, as well as respond to them in a timely manner that is custom-tailored to their changing needs. For managers attempting to address this struggle, the following tools should be considered:

Big data and analytics: A contact center software solution supported by big data and analytics enables managers to peer into more granular aspects of the customer experience and analyze them. For example, if a manager sees a three-month spike in live chat verses phone usage, he or she can leverage data collected through post-call surveys or from flagged call recordings to analyze what is driving this transition. In doing so, the manager will hopefully gain value-added insight and keep a finger on the pulse of customers’ changing preferences.

Workforce optimization: To respond to customers in a custom-made manner, personalized agent training and coaching (i.e., individualized post-call surveys, activities and educational lessons) are necessary. Such assets equip agents with the knowledge and know-how needed to strategically and positively transform the customer experience. A personalized agent training experience will likely foster a personalized customer experience.

Contact center managers shouldn’t be doggedly lining up to get their hands on the newest contact center tool if they’re unsure how it will impact their organizations as a whole and, more importantly, their levels of customer service. If you’d like to learn more about the right tools for customer service, check out this blog.

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