Don't Overlook Agent Satisfaction In The Quest to Improve Contact Center Productivity

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

10/20/14 8:51 AM


Businesses are pulling out all the stops to provide top-notch customer service and contact center productivity these days, and rightly so. The statistics, reports and surveys detailing the importance of customer service are preponderant, touting its emergence as a competitive differentiator.

In the race to go the extra mile for the consumer, however, some organizations overlook one critical ingredient in the recipe for providing great customer experiences through the contact center—happy agents.

Satisfied employees are more productive; in fact, revenue for Fortune’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” increased by an average of 22.2 percent last year. Contentedness is even more critical for employees like customer service representatives who deal directly with customers, as their state of mind and attitude can impact the consumer’s experience.

Contact center agents, like employees in any other profession, feel more fulfilled when they are able to do their jobs well. And that is where improving your call center coaching capability becomes crucial. Best-in-class call center software gives contact center managers the tools to help agents do their work more effectively and enjoy their work more. In the process, those organizations gain a competitive advantage by increasing worker productivity. Examples of features offered by leading call center software solutions include:

  • Customized coaching packages: Supervisors can bundle coaching collateral like instructional videos, links to best practices guides or recordings of “model” calls. Rather than waiting until the end of a shift or pulling the agent away from his or her desk for an evaluation, managers can send the coaching package instantly from desktop to desktop.
  • Flexible search: Managers can locate interactions or recordings—to include in a coaching package, for instance—via a free-form search field. Managers can filter interactions by agent, date, duration, inbound/outbound and other categories.
  • Detailed reports: Rather than pouring over mountains of information to try to find important trends, supervisors can quickly and easily view data collected from customer interactions in a variety of formats so they can drill down on which agents need additional coaching in what specific areas of the job.   

Beyond improving agent training practices, businesses can take other steps to help boost morale. Offering prizes for top-performing agents, for example, is a great way to foster healthy competition among co-workers. But at the end of the day, most people want to contribute in a valuable, meaningful way at work—and contact center software helps ensure they do.

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