Five Ways to Improving Customer Experience

Posted by Linda Caudle

4/30/14 9:15 AM


Every time a customer dials into your business and speaks with an agent, that interaction is a direct extension of your brand image. In other words, they can further good feelings already established or foster bad ones.

Unfortunately, you will not always know when a customer is unhappy following an interaction. In fact, research indicates that for every customer compliant, there are at least 26 more unhappy customers that will not voice their opinion.

For this reason, it is imperative that your agents strive to make each and every customer experience a strong one. Below are five ways that your contact center can build long lasting relationships every agent-customer interaction that takes place:

Increase agent attentiveness: Your agents might be doing a lot of talking—but how well are they listening? With the right recording, analytics and training software, your agents can be better informed, learn to be focused, ask the right questions and be capable of answering customer questions and get them to resolution more quickly.

Provide tools for efficiency: Providing a great customer experience today means solving problems quickly. Make sure that you are putting the right information in front of agents so they are able to solve problems in only one interaction instead of having to engage with a customer on multiple calls to get their issue resolved.

Establish goals: It’s hard to achieve progress without first setting up goals for where you want each and every customer to wind up during the customer experience journey. Figure out their unique starting point and see to it that you have clear objectives that you want to attain.

Review customer progress: Setting customer-oriented goals is futile if you don’t regularly map out and review customer progress. Listen to call recordings and make sure that customers are well on track and not veering off into “churn” territory. Conduct periodic customer surveys that are tracked to a particular interaction to ensure a true customer satisfaction rating.

Spread customer visibility throughout the enterprise: The same agent will not always be able to cater to a customer. Make sure that agents have the tools they need to see what is going on with each customer, such as a centralized hub that stores progress and maps out recent conversations and goals.

A customer is four times more likely to reach out to a direct competitor if the problem they experience is service-related rather than product or price-related. Do your agents have the tools to improve customer experiences they need?

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