Gamification and Quality Monitoring: A Winning Combination

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

8/5/16 1:30 PM

Gamification_Strategy.jpgDesigned to engage, encourage social connections and maximize attention levels, video games have a certain special appeal. Filled with attractive graphics, challenging levels and exciting storylines, it can be difficult to put a controller down once you’ve started playing.

This is the goal of video games; they are designed so that users can never get enough. As such, gamification represents a fantastic opportunity for contact center managers to creatively engage agents and improve the customer experience. Specifically, managers can use gamification for effective agent training, while leveraging quality monitoring in order to identify how those techniques affect performance and service levels.

The Case for Gamification in the Contact Center

Gamification may seem like an outlandish idea to traditional managers, but research proves that it is extremely effective. Consider the following findings from a May 2016 Aberdeen study:

  • Contact centers with gamification experienced a 16.4 percent improvement in average handle time, compared to a 4.6 percent improvement among contact centers without.
  • The percentage of quality SLAs met by contact centers with gamification were four times greater than those without.
  • Nearly 60 percent of businesses with gamification improved agent retention rates year-over-year, compared to 16 percent of businesses without.
  • Contact centers with gamification experienced exponentially higher annual increases in customer satisfaction (25.3 percent vs. 6.9 percent); average cost per customer contact (24.4 percent vs. 2.1 percent); and customer lifetime value (14.5 percent vs. 5.4 percent).

Gamification is an entertaining and effective way to drive specific agent behaviors in order to achieve desired business results; however, such programs must go hand-in-hand with quality monitoring. Otherwise, managers will be unable to gain actionable insights into the program and its overall effectiveness.

Four Easy Ways to Succeed with Gamification

Here are four simple ways that contact center managers can capitalize on the powerful combination of gamification and quality monitoring:

  1. Implement a badge system: Award agents with different badges that promote top-performing behaviors. For example, all agents can earn a badge after the facility reaches a specific customer satisfaction score. Or, an agent may earn a badge after achieving a desired number of cross-sells. On the backend, utilize your quality monitoring solution to record and evaluate agent activity, as well as gain insight into where added coaching is needed.
  2. Offer unique thought leadership opportunities: Offer top performing agents specific thought leadership privileges. For example, if one agent holds a record for first call resolution, have that individual share his or her winning approach via the gamification program. Doing so can help managers exponentially increase their number of best practices, proven effective from top performers.
  3. Reward, reward, reward: Show agents the value of consistently meeting goals by rewarding them in numerous ways. Remember that while monetary rewards are always appreciated, free perks like being first to select shifts or take time off can go a long way towards agent retention and satisfaction.
  4. Implement a team system: Allow agents to assist one another in reaching their goals via the gamification program. For example, agents who have already earned certain badges can be brought in to assist those who have yet to.

If you align your corporate goals with your gamification program and leverage quality monitoring to ensure maximum effectiveness, there’s no doubt you will see agent engagement and CX goals soar.

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