Getting Your Customer Service Healed Up

Posted by John Rake

8/24/15 1:00 PM

Click2coach workforce optimizationDealing with medical issues is generally unpleasant—inconvenient and anxiety-producing. Often these issues require repeated visits or phone calls to doctors’ offices and hospitals, which, in and of themselves, are time-consuming and nerve-wracking, nevermind the pain or discomfort the patient is feeling from his or her health concern.

Therefore, due to the “side effects” of their medical condition, patients may be more on edge than the average contact center customer when calling for assistance; after all, these are not your typical contact center inquiries about appliances or tech devices. The gravity of these issues makes customer satisfaction in healthcare a bigger challenge than in other, less personal, industries.

But just as customer service has financial implications in other verticals, so too does it impact the bottom line for doctors and hospitals. Not only can low satisfaction cause patients to look elsewhere for treatment, new regulations in the Affordable Care Act actually tie $1 billion in Medicare reimbursements to a Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey that asks patients to evaluate communication with doctors and responsiveness of hospital staff, among other aspects of treatment. How hospitals fare in these assessments will determine how much of that $1 billion they receive.

Best-in-class call center software can be a key ingredient for improving customer satisfaction in medical facilities. Managers tasked with overseeing customer interactions for healthcare organizations can drill down on individual agent performance to ensure best practices for customer interactions are followed to the letter. For instance, if a manager recorded an interaction and wanted to come back to it later in the day for evaluation, contact center software with flexible search functionality could help locate the recording quickly and eliminated time wasted digging through files.

After the supervisor listened to the specific call, he or she could also pull up a net performance score compiled by the software based on a variety of analytics for that agent’s entire day of calls. Finally, the administrator could customize a coaching package with relevant instruction or tips and send it along to the employee with the click of a button.

Service is not only critical financially for medical organizations, it also helps distinguish first-class facilities from those that are less desirable to patients. While doctors and nurses focus on healing medical conditions, service representatives can help make the process of getting health-related information a little less stressful.


And patients are sure to appreciate that.

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