How Effective is Your Call Center Coaching and Training Program?

Posted by Linda Caudle

10/7/13 9:03 AM


You’ve just finished putting a new group of agents through your training program and they are finally ready to hit the phones. But are you 100 percent confident that you’ve given them all the necessary skills to effectively handle customer contacts? If you answered no, then maybe it’s time to take a second look at your training program.

Coaching and training have become critical slices of the contact center pie, driving agent effectiveness and customer satisfaction. In fact, companies that have 

employed coaching programs are 50 percent more likely to have lower turnover, reach 27 percent greater profitability and have 56 percent higher customer loyalty, according to a study conducted by the Gallup organization.

However, simply putting agents through a two-day seminar doesn’t cut it. Your coaching and training program should be the backbone of your contact center and should include the following:

  • Customized call center coaching packages. No two agents are alike; one may excel in a certain area while another struggles with that particular skill set. Thankfully, with customized coaching packages – which include recordings of evaluated customer interactions, brief educational videos and best practices delivered straight to the agents’ desktops – agents can get immediate feedback and coaching on their specific skills that need improvement.

  • "Right-time” is everything. Right-time coaching gives agents access to training content, feedback and coaching when they need it most, either in between customer interactions or during designated training time, ensuring that they continue learning when the time is right.

  • Agent portal: Your agents are busy and certainly don’t have time to search for coaching tips. However, with a common agent portal, agents have access to all training, coaching and scheduling information at their fingertips.

  • Tracking tools: To help measure the success of your program, it’s important to track improvement after each coaching session and make the necessary adjustment if need be.
Your agents are an integral part of your business so as a contact center manager it is up to you to make sure they have the necessary tools and skills to be as effective and efficient as they can be by creating a robust training and call center coaching program.

To learn more about agent coaching and training, click here.

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