How to Decide on New Contact Center Software in Three Questions

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

8/20/15 1:30 PM

contact_center_dataWe’ve all heard friends say “the service was good, but the food was so-so,” or “the food was great but the service was terrible.” Customer service and product quality always go hand-in-hand simply because the customer experience is never limited to the value of a product. At some point, whether it’s online, in a shop or on the phone, we will encounter some form of customer service, and this will be the most lasting impression we walk away with.

As a result, business leaders need to consider customer service in tandem with their organization’s core products and services to ensure ultimate success. This means managers should be conducting a comprehensive analysis of agent performance, leveraging and using customer analytics and more—all which can be achieved by deploying an advanced contact center software solution

Here are three fundamental questions to ask to determine if your current solution is not meeting expectations:

  • Is my agent churn rate higher than my retention rate?

If our agents are coming and going through a nonstop revolving door, perhaps it’s time to accept that something is amiss. Customer service is easily one of the most frustrating professional fields out there; however, this is often due to lack of information, which leads to consumer dissatisfaction. Agents who want to help but don’t have the knowledge to do so are at a loss, and when a consumer doesn’t get the answers they want, they will take it out on those on the front lines: the customer service agents.

This can be easily corrected with the proper contact center software that pinpoints trouble areas and allows us to address training needs to improve customer/agent interaction. By tackling issues in real-time, we can drastically cut down on agent discontent by equipping them with the tools they need to successfully handle consumer calls.

  • Am I strategizing without considering the big picture?

We often make decisions based on what we think rather than by taking into account what is actually happening. Frequently, in a rush to get things underway, we jump the gun and begin creating strategies without having all the facts. This inevitably results in a loss of valuable time and resources. Therefore, it is important to develop strategies that are grounded in the reality of the situation.

Effective contact center software gives us all the data we need to make informed decisions and to develop tactics that are proactive. By assessing workflow, calls, consumer evaluations and recorded interactions, we can outline a plan of attack that will get the kinks out of our customer service and enable agents to more efficiently help consumers.

  • Am I able to capture data from all of my service channels?

    Data analysis is vital when it comes to appraising our customer service, yet it is also important that we have access to all data channels, not simply a few. Our metrics should reflect the entire customer service experience and allow us to make modifications to improve this service.

    By facilitating voice and screen recording, audio and video playback, desktop recording and unlimited evaluations, the right contact center software can change the way we do business, for the better. By allowing us to follow the consumer experience from start to finish, effective contact center software will give us the tools to correct the bumps in the road and heighten customer satisfaction.

By asking ourselves these three questions, we can begin to make our customer service memorable, in a good way. This way when anybody asks your customers, they can say they love the product and the service is outstanding.

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