How to Handle Tough Customer Service Scenarios

Posted by Linda Caudle

7/30/14 8:32 AM


Every contact center employee is bound to come up against one or more of these difficult customer service scenarios mentioned below. However, the key is not to avoid them, but handle them with grace and, of course, a smile.

Not knowing the answer: Sometimes customers ask tough questions. Saying “I don’t know” only increases customer frustration and doesn’t further the conversation. Instead, coach and train agents to respond actively and positively with phrases like “Let me find out for you,” or “That’s a great question, and I’m going to get an answer for you.”

Call transfers: Perhaps nothing incites customer anger quite like the phrase “please hold while I transfer you.” Agents should learn how to transfer calls using positive language, such as “Let me put you in touch with an expert on that matter who can get you the answer.”

Being hemmed in by “the rules”: Sometimes giving into a small request to make a customer happy is well worth it. However, some rules must remain unbroken for safety, financial, or policy reasons. Coaching and training can help agents make the right judgment call.

Problems with products or services: When a product doesn’t arrive as promised or is broken or defective, it can lead to difficult conversations. Arm your contact center agents with the right language to empathize and calm angry customers and the knowledge to make things right.

Coaching and training contact center agents on tough customer service scenarios guarantees they will handle anything that comes their way with ease, and provide good service even under stress.

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