How to Prepare your Contact Centers for the Holiday Season: Part Two

Posted by Linda Caudle

12/12/13 2:00 PM


The holidays bring an annual influx of customer orders, requests, questions, and complaints. Prepare your contact centers now for higher volumes so you can sail through the holiday season with less stress and more success.

Set goals: Decide now what the contact center and customer pain points are most likely to be, and make a plan to avoid them or resolve them fast. For example, you might choose to focus on speeding up resolution times, reducing customer wait times, or solving problems during the first contact. Set concrete goals for reducing these discomforts, and devise a reward system for your team for meeting them.

Avoid the backlog: Teach agents to correctly assess customer needs, categorize them, and match them to the right person or department for answers and service. Cross train staff so they can handle requests from multiple areas. Desktop analytics can help filter incoming requests so they get routed correctly instead of ending up in limbo.

Customize the customer experience: The holiday season will bring back “experienced” customers as well as new ones. Use information gleaned from desktop analytics to route return customers to the most experienced agents, and provide contact center staff with customer information that will help streamline interactions and give customers the tailored experience they desire.

Empower agents: Use a peak-season coaching and training program to motivate, inspire, and equip agents to solve problems on their own, rather than always needing to seek manager input or approval. When contact center agents can act autonomously to satisfy customer needs, issues will be solved faster, fewer interactions will remain open or unresolved, and the entire contact center will run more efficiently.

A well-prepared contact center means happier holidays for both staff and customers.

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