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Posted by Linda Caudle

1/22/14 1:22 PM


"I know a good product when I see it.” “You have a product and a half!”
Victoria Cosby, manager at MCFA

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc. (MCFA) is a leading manufacturer of forklifts in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Latin America. Based in Houston, Texas, the company distributes three distinct brands – Mitsubishi forklift trucks, Cat® lift trucks and Jungheinrich® warehouse products. The company provides customers with quality products that range from warehousing to industrial applications and are backed by industry-leading customer service.

That customer service just got a boost with their purchase of the Envision Click2Coach® Cloud solution. I spoke with Victoria Cosby, manager, Lift Central® at MCFA and a 28-year contact center management veteran, to get her thoughts about how the new solution is helping her improve customer service.

Vicky’s longevity in the contact center business has given her the opportunity to work with large contact centers before moving to MCFA, where the contact center has five agents, and growing.

“I managed teams that had to finesse people through an hour-long call and then help them with customer service skills along the way. I’ve seen the very large contact centers and now I work in a very small one. I truly, truly love it. I get more involved with help, not just for our dealers, but also for our people that help our dealers and customers,” said Vicky. “I feel like if you give the employees who work with you the tools and the support and hopefully the good communication that they want, they will pass that on to the dealers and everyone they talk with calling our company.”

“Back in 2004 the contact center didn’t have any formal call monitoring. There were no metric goals really other than a service level. There wasn’t a lot of coaching, feedback or mentoring, and very little training,” Vicky said. “And no one had call center experience until I found this wonderful company, so I am the lucky one. We have a super customer supportive management team. I mean we’re talking from the president to everyone…so, they focus on customer first and that’s where my heart has been.”

And they have lofty customer service goals…”Our goals are quite high. We want 98% out of 100 on evaluations.”

Enter Envision.

“I had used a competitive system at a previous company. The benefits were not there. I had the call recording, which I could play back, and I had the screen shots and I had all of that, but I didn’t have the eLearning library that I just started building today,” Vicky stated. “It is so amazing to know that I can bring someone in, (we do about four weeks of training for a new hire), and cut that training time down to about a week and a half to two weeks all because I now have visual training at the desktop, and not just sitting next to somebody listening.”

Vicky wants to create a library of six really good call examples within about eight of our main inquiry type areas so in the essence of an hour; the agents can learn how to do many different call types just by listening to three or four calls from each group.

“That’s going to be the kicker for me, that’s going to save me a couple of weeks of training of new hires, in fact, I’m almost certain of it. Other than the wonderful call recording that enables me to play a call back for someone that I used to have to give immediate feedback when I monitored calls and hurry up before they went home for the day or hurry up before two hours goes by because they already received 20 other calls and they would forget.”

I asked Vicky to give me her top three favorite things about Click2Coach Cloud, and here’s what she said:

1. Play a recorded call. I was out sick a couple of days and I had a really great call on Friday that I wanted someone to listen to. I should have played it Friday, but we got busy and didn’t. We should of played it on Monday, but didn’t. The great thing about it is that the call is still just as fresh recorded on January 10 as when an agent sees it on January 20. I used to have to hurry before. Now I don’t.

2. Training. By listening to calls, we’re going to be able to better our best with little effort. Time management, efficiency, the improvement of the team and improving their professional ability to move on to other parts of the company…this is a good foot in the door place to start. You’ve got to get that basic training to someone right away, and if you can do it in just hours rather than weeks…OMG. I want to offer my folks as much training as possible. A lot of companies just want to record calls and have agents listen to it and talk about it…that’s wonderful, and that was my ultimate goal at first. Now, seeing what this software offers, my world has been opened up to ultimate possibilities.

3. eLearning library. This blew my boss away. Here’s the timesaver. I can’t tell you how much Word documentation training material goes to a new hire that we send them electronically and go over with them. And that’s going to be there if they want to read a volume, but if they want to quickly find out how to get a grasp on their new position, look and listen to a call and look what that agent did where they went. You’ll see how the ticket begins, how the ticket is populated and how the ticket was resolved.

“Coming from a 70 seat center I thought you had to spend a lot of money…cost justifications wise. And I’m sure many people like me think that, but you don’t. I had no idea how affordable it could be. And certainly the end result is…as they say in the Visa card commercial, it’s invaluable, it’s priceless.”

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