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Posted by Linda Caudle

9/15/14 10:32 AM


In recent years, the clear lines that once separated departments within an organization began to blur, with more overlap in responsibility between divisions, particularly in the contact center. Increasingly, contact center agents have been tasked with marketing or upselling new offerings during customer interactions. And along with that development, a need arose for contact center workers to possess a wider array of knowledge and have access to more-advanced tools to help improve the customer experience.

Several recent surveys revealed that the majority of online consumers now need some level of support when making a purchase. Many of those consumers will reach out to a contact center for assistance, providing an opportunity for the agent to offer additional products or services.

Still, one-third of inbound contact centers have no processes in place at all to alert sales teams to customer needs, or protect customers’ interests by making them aware of products or services that may help them, according to Dimension Data’s 2013-14 contact center benchmarking report.

One of the reasons businesses struggle to capitalize on revenue opportunities in the contact center is their inability to recognize trends in real time. For instance, if customers are consistently calling to ask about buying a new product that works well with an item they purchased recently, sales could put together a special “2 for 1” offer for those consumers to capitalize on a need customers themselves are expressing. That can only happen, however, if contact center agents and managers have the tools necessary to recognize the developing trend.

Best-in-class contact center software can pick up on trends as they develop, enabling faster and more-efficient response across various departments. The technology can identify words and phrases being used most commonly by customers and convert them into an easy-to-understand word cloud. These solutions also allow managers to search customer feedback for specific words or phrases, by:

  • Analyzing audio interactions and converting them to text
  • Capturing information from other sources like desktop keystrokes, or e-mail, social media and chat conversations and including that data in search results

Businesses are constantly engaged in efforts to create more-effective marketing strategies and increase revenue through sales. But many of these organizations may be missing out on opportunities in the contact center that are right under their noses. And although the technology that helps identify actionable data may seem complex, it actually makes increasing productivity and profitability a much simpler task.

And in business, simpler is almost always better. Click here to schedule a Click2Coach demo today.

Four ways to dramatically improve customer experiences.

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