Improving Customer Service with Surveys

Posted by Linda Caudle

4/24/14 10:06 AM


These days, everyone in the contact center industry is talking about how customer analytics are the most important thing to use to enhance the customer experience. But what customer analytics should you focus on?According to the MCM Outlook 2014 survey, 49.5 percent of respondents indicated they believe the customer service score is the most important KPI to pay attention to. About 48 percent are focused on service levels, and 35.5 percent of respondents claimed first-call resolution rate is of paramount importance.

But how do you actually go about improving these individual scores? Let’s take a look at how you can drill down into each category to improve efficiency in your contact center:

Customer service score: Are agents well-versed about the latest happenings from around your industry? Are they able to provide useful insight and a wealth of company knowledge? Your customer service score will ultimately rest on the overall experience your customer has when dialing in. Make sure your agents are able to provide either immediate assistance or the ability to direct the caller to the resource to get an answer.

Service level: How quickly are your agents moving back and forth between applications? Are they greeting customers by name and asking questions about previous interactions to make sure the customer is satisfied? The level of service your agents provide for callers will be affected by the agent’s overall dexterity, alertness and accuracy over a call.

First call resolution: According to the report, first call resolution has the greatest effect on people’s willingness to return to a company and recommend it to others. Naturally, being able to resolve the issue the first call is vital, but getting to the root reason of why the person was calling in the first place is even more vital.

To improve your first call resolution, look at metrics such as how many times a caller had to call back within a week or month. Then, figure out the reason they called you in the first place. If someone is calling back four times for the same problem, it will be easy to see where the issue is taking place. Using call recording software, you can drill into specific calls and find out where an agent gave them the wrong information. This also provides an opportunity to collaborate with additional departments to resolve the issue if it is traced back to the product.

The important thing to consider with all of this is that we are seeing an evolution of KPIs. The top priority for contact centers is to evolve away from the standards in tactical KPIs such as resolution time, call answer time and verbal confirmation of a resolution and evolve to strategic indications that the customer experience has been improved holistically.

For example, analyzing not only the solution of a customer, but also why that customer is calling in the first place by presenting a unified view of every interaction that customer has had. Businesses need to be able to pull metadata from within a call and do it easily. This can enable call center managers to move away from evaluating calls, which can be arduous, and toward integrating with product teams, marketing teams and engineering teams to solve the issues that face customers.

The established KPIs matter. But the emergence of a new era of strategic measurements is ushering a change in the way your operation needs to focus on its definition of success. If you are looking for ways to increase the quality of service and first call resolution rates in your enterprise, click here to learn more about how Envision can help.

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