Is Your Growing Contact Center Improving the Customer Experience?

Posted by John Rake

10/22/14 10:54 AM


How is the customer experience about hold times when customers call your business? How about the quality of the responses they receive once they reach customer service—especially if they’ve been bounced from department to department? Are you kept awake at night worrying that capacity in your contact center is not sufficient for customer retention?

If any of these questions concern you, or if your contact center is simply growing out of bounds, it might be time to bring in some help. After all, you can’t afford to let customer service fall to the wayside, as top-notch responsiveness is the surest way to guarantee a positive brand image.

In fact, 87 percent of customers who have a good customer service experience share it with at least one person, and 95 percent of those who have a negative experience pass it on, according to a customer service survey conducted by Dimensional Research. With modern technology, as these numbers indicate, there is unlimited potential for word-of-mouth referrals—good and bad—via the Internet, mobile devices and social media.

Recognizing that your contact center has reached the point where it must increase capacity or negatively impact your bottom line, you have several options to accommodate your growth. Most of these are time-consuming, expensive and burdensome to even contemplate, while others are more favorable.  

First, let’s rule out these undesirable alternatives: One option would be to hire on more remote CSRs and provide them with computers and dedicated phone lines at their homes. Another option would be to outsource the overflow to another contact center. A third option could be the renovation and expansion of your existing call center, and the provision of more computer capacity and hiring of more call-takers to handle the call volume.

In contrast, Click2Coach from Envision is a low-cost and effective software program for improving agent performance to the degree that every contact center customer interaction has the potential to turn into a lasting customer relationship. Here are some of the additional benefits from Click2Coach that your contact center can use to upgrade agent-customer interactions:

  • Improved agent effectiveness: Multidimensional analytics provide one net performance score that encompasses a quality monitoring score, agent adherence, back-office activity, speech analytics and customer survey results. Agent weaknesses can be pinpointed and addressed
  • Easily completed evaluations and coaching: Click2Coach software improves workflow and performance by providing quick access to all agent functionality, enabling complete utilization of the desktop space and playback of call recordings to help supervisors evaluate and coach with ease and speed.
  • Quick and precise searches for recordings: Freeform searches locate the recordings that matter most and allow managers to filter interactions by agent, date, duration, evaluated/not evaluated, inbound/outbound, etc.
  • View collected data with ease: More than 53 standard reports provide supervisors and managers with the ability to quickly view data collected from agent evaluations and customer interactions in many different formats to engender action toward timely improvements.
  • Automatic delivery of customized coaching packages: Recordings of evaluated customer interactions and additional training can be sent to agents for coaching purposes. Content can include brief videos, links to Web pages or other documents in your training library, or even a clip of a “best practices” interaction.

While these benefits are capable of providing improved customer service in any contact center, you may still feel overwhelmed by the degree to which your contact center needs help. If that is the case, we offer the services of Envision Business Consulting. With this service, you gain a wide range of pre-designed sessions to maximize how you use your corporate data. We also offer customized business consulting sessions to solve more specific issues.

As a business owner or contact center manager in today’s business environment, not only must you provide excellent customer service, but you must oversee the vastly altered contact center landscape that has resulted from a wide variety of managerial and technological advances. While this has led to richer contact center workflow, it has also led to the development of the contact center as the public face for many organizations.

Your contact center now has the potential to generate significant incremental revenue by augmenting service encounters with potential sales opportunities. With Envision products and services, you can meet these ongoing business imperatives of customer service, brand image and revenue-generation. Click here for more information on what Envision can do for your company. 

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