Keeping Up With Your Customers’ Multichannel Demands

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

12/17/15 1:30 PM

Fill_the_need.jpgEvery day contact centers are providing more of what consumers want: faster, more informative and valuable service. Driven by growing omni-channel interactions, enterprises are moving away from limited-function contact centers to multifunction and integrated ones. Customers expect to have the option of talking with a live agent from wherever they are across all company-accessed channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and SMS text. It’s up to the contact center to meet those expectations or risk losing their business. As such, managers need to arm agents with the necessary information to meet these multichannel demands. 

It’s no longer enough to provide customers with an isolated channel to communicate with your company. Consumers want an omni-channel experience; that is, they want to use different media platforms to complete any given interaction. For instance, a customer may initially turn to your company’s website regarding an issue about a recently purchased product. Unable to resolve said issue, your customer may next inquire via text message, and then, perhaps, depending on the complexity of the inquiry, contact an agent by telephone. These channel transitions need to be seamless, which means that your agents must be given the necessary training to ensure they have full visibility and knowledge of all of your company’s channels.

Managers can further guarantee improved agent performance with the use of e-coaching software featuring customizable evaluations. The technology allows managers to analyze and identify agent interactions in real time, and then take immediate action to resolve any issues. Also, consider equipping agents with a call- and-screen-recording tool that will allow them to listen to and evaluate customer interactions, and then adjust their methods accordingly.

Ultimately, customers want frictionless, easy and immediate resolution to their questions and issues on the channels of their choosing. Teaching your agents how to deliver consistent and effortless movement among those channels will not only improve the effectiveness and quality of their customer care but will also help cultivate long-lasting relationships with your brand.

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