Keeping Your Contact Center Merry During the Holiday Season

Posted by John Rake

12/3/15 1:30 PM

Spirit_of_the_Holidays.jpgWith Christmas just a few weeks away, call centers are experiencing an unprecedented volume of customer inquiries, and in today’s ultra competitive marketplace companies just can’t afford the repercussions of poor customer experiences. After all, social media and ratings sites make it easy for consumers to swap stories and discuss their interactions—both good and bad—with an organization. It’s important to remember that despite how wonderful a product or service is, today’s consumers simply won’t spend their hard earned money on poor customer service.

This is especially true during the busy holiday shopping season, and, as such, contact centers need to be at the top of their game. Follow these steps to optimize your agents’ skills and keep your customers happy:

Deploy e-learning for more effective agent training: Expanding a business’s contact center for the holidays is certainly not a new practice, as contact centers routinely reinforce their staff this time of year. Get your new agents up to speed by equipping them with the tools they need to help optimize their performance, such as e-coaching. This tool enables agents to receive evaluations of recorded customer interactions along with supervisor annotations and training. This allows agents to continually improve their customer service skills, emphasizing on areas of growth and excellence. This sort of system also provides samples of “great calls” for agents to use as guides, and because it’s customizable each agent can focus on the specific skills he or she needs to improve the most.

Personalize calls to enhance customer experience: The more your agents know about your customers’ needs and behaviors the better they can address them during their interactions. Deploying contact center software with a built-in coaching system equipped with tools that can capture the voice of the customer offers a multisource insight platform that helps agents focus and learn more about customer needs and expectations. That is, this tool enables your agents to obtain direct feedback from your customers and adjust their approach accordingly.

With customer expectations at an all time high this holiday season, it’s more important than ever to ensure call centers are ready and equipped to handle the demand and volume, while still providing an exceptional customer experience.

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