The Habits of a Highly-Successful Contact Center Manager

Posted by Linda Caudle

12/5/13 2:53 PM


A lot rests on the shoulders of contact center managers, and those who are most successful tend to possess certain qualities. Never fear –these seven habits can be developed through hard work and dedication. Let’s take a look at the seven habits of a highly-successful contact center manager.

  1. Being a coach. Strong leadership doesn’t mean acting in a dictatorial fashion. Instead, it involves building a community so employees want to contribute to organizational success. Moreover, coaching and training can help agents improve productivity and efficiency, helping boost your business’s bottom line.
  2. Building a customer-centric environment. All the planning, scheduling, data collection, and analysis won’t do a bit of good if a manager can’t remember the overall aim of the contact center: to provide excellent customer service.
  3. Thinking like a customer. Empathic managers don’t get defensive or take it personally when a customer or an agent is upset. Instead, they see it as an avenue for improvement and an opportunity to provide best-in-class service.
  4. Empowering agents to do their best. A great manager inspires a team to excellence, empowering them to use the skills and techniques they learn during coaching and training to do their jobs better.
  5. Combining training and motivation. Contact center data and information about agent-customer interactions are valuable teaching tools, but only if managers also keep morale high and make employees want to improve.
  6. Being proactive. Contact center managers should see problems looming on the horizon--and head them off before they affect customers. Through effective scheduling, prioritizing, planning, and coaching, they keep the contact center running smoothly.
  7. Focusing on the big picture. Effective contact center managers can see their way past day-to-day challenges to drive toward larger goals.
Effective managers drive teams to success and focus efforts on the customer. Developing these seven habits can help management meet those goals.

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