The Right Contact Center Training Software is Key

Posted by Linda Caudle

5/15/14 9:30 AM


Call center managers everywhere are still struggling with the age old question: How do you increase worker productivity without sacrificing the quality of customer service and also ensure that you are fairly judging performance?In the enterprise call center, there needs to be a balance of accuracy and speed to ensure success. What good is it if agents reach more customers over the span of an hour if the information they are entering into the computer is rife with mistakes? According to StellaService Client Development Manager Chris Vodola, when agents are under the gun to perform under a certain time limit, you can expect poor results.

In the past, judging a call center agent’s performance was difficult. Without the right workforce optimization software, it can be difficult to comb through call recordings and take a deep dive into agent performance.

The answer to this problem is a workforce optimization solution that will give managers the tools to foster efficient habits in employees from the first day of training. With the ability to capture screenshots, record calls and browse through easy-to-read customer engagement metrics, managers can coach agents in real-time and catch bad habits as they arise. This way, an agent can see the mistakes they are making and work to correct them before they become habits.

But with a robust training and eLearning system, managers can lay down their employee expectations from the start and monitor agents from their first day of training until long after they have mastered the job. With the ability to dive into real-time metrics in the call center, every day is like a performance review. There is absolutely no guessing about whether an agent is performing at an adequate level, and no need to worry about making key decisions when needed. With statistical evidence such as easy-to-access call recordings and screen shots, employers have everything they need to coach and train agents.

This is a holistic way of increasing agent production in the workplace. Software such as Click2Coach Cloud from Envision provides a comprehensive agent overview and in-depth visibility into agent-customer relationships. Using Click2Coach, your company can monitor agent performance and evaluate them based on the unique metrics you expect them to achieve. This is possible through an evaluation template, which is flexible and can be used by multiple supervisors in the enterprise. Click2Coach also allows supervisors to pinpoint data, which provides the opportunity to find specific sections of a recorded conversation to access the right information, when you need it.

Before you ask your employees to speed up their productivity, stop and analyze your current customer service toolbox. Instead of focusing on reaching more customers, give your agents the tools to really connect with clients and create meaningful interactions that will help drive sales.

Perhaps the most important aspect of eLearning and contact center training software is that it gives call center managers the tools they need to uphold brand standards. In any business, big or small, customer service is paramount to success, and with the ability to uncover granular details about what is occurring on the front lines when customers dial in, a plethora of useful insight can be uncovered.

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