Three Things To Consider When Selecting a Workforce Optimization Solution

Posted by Linda Caudle

7/22/14 7:32 AM


Investing in a workforce optimization solution for your small, medium or large enterprise contact center is a big commitment. After all, the solution is not only responsible for directly shaping the work habits of your employees, but also plays a huge role in the customer experience and how satisfied they are with your company. Conducting a bit of research to make sure your software has all of the components you need to measure and track agent effectiveness is key.

But where do you begin? Below are three basic questions to get you thinking about the different solutions that are available on the market so that you can make the right choice for your company:

How do you want to record the data? First you will want to think about what type of recording you feel will be most beneficial to helping your agents improve on the job. Do you want to record every call for compliance purposes, or are you mainly focused on improving quality and only need to record a sampling of calls. Do you want to invest in real-time call monitoring, or take a more granular approach and analyze keystroke and data entries? Do you want to analyze how agents move from screen-to-screen so that you can look for tips on increasing productivity throughout the day? 

Where do you want to store the data? Do you want to store your data in the cloud or do you want to store your data in a private cloud located within your business? Cloud-based systems are becoming more and more popular, as they are secure, easy to access and lower costs considerably over the traditional hardware-based storage options. Make sure the solution you invest in allows for secure, on-demand access so that you can pull up data where and when you need to utilize it. 

How do you want to pay for it? Are you looking for a pay-as-you go service, or something with a monthly fee? This option is also great for those contact centers that have seasonal shifts in staff. A month to month option allows contact centers to pay for the seasonal ramp-up and then go back to a regular staffing schedule, and only pay for the licenses that you need. Your solution needs to be flexible and scalable to fit the needs of your changing and growing organization.

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