Tips and Tricks on How to Calm an Angry Customer

Posted by Linda Caudle

8/8/14 11:51 AM


How angry customers are handled in the contact center can be the difference between customers taking business elsewhere (and complaining publicly about their experience) and a peaceful resolution that keeps them coming back for more. These five tips for calming angry customers can help every interaction end positively.

1. Acknowledge. Stepping back to listen patiently while a customer explains what’s wrong is the first step in resolution. Acknowledge that you hear and understand what the customer is saying; oftentimes the customer just needs to “get it all out.”

2. Troubleshoot. Once the customer has had a chance to vent, resolution can begin. Contact center agents can fall back on coaching and training to find the right method for problem solving. Steps may include following a decision tree or series of prompts for solving common issues.

3. Ask for feedback. Once anger has cooled, maximize the customer contact to uncover valuable information. Soliciting feedback on areas such as overall satisfaction with the product or service and the handling of this particular issue reduces the chance of future angry interactions.

4. Follow up. Angry customer interactions should end with a commitment to fix the problem and a promise of future contact to ensure the issue was resolved. Real-time coaching and training solutions monitor customer-agent interactions and remind agents to keep promises to customers.

5. Listen and learn outside angry situations. The moments after an angry call is completed are a prime time for learning. For example, Envision’s coaching and training features allow for recording of customer interactions. These recordings can then be sent to agents so they can listen, learn, and develop best practices for dealing with angry customers.


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