Tools to Improve Contact Center Quality Management

Posted by John Rake

8/27/14 8:31 AM

shutterstock_149463611Contact center quality management is key to a successful business. Businesses want their contact center agents to put their best foot forward at all times. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools available today to help capture, evaluate, analyze, and use the information from customer interactions to drive service improvement and coaching and training efforts. Ensure every customer interaction is a positive one with the following tools:

Screen capture: Find out everything that occurs (and fails to occur) during a customer interaction. Discover whether agents are seizing opportunities to upsell, what applications they are using, and what they are typing during customer interactions. Gain insight into step-by-step workflow to ensure requests are being solved in the most efficient and friendly manner possible.

Live capture: Whether an agent is on-site or working from a remote or at-home location, live capture allows supervisors to watch conversations as they happen. This opens an opportunity to provide real-time coaching and training for agents so they can make fast improvements.

Enhanced search: Find recorded interactions by keyword, call duration time codes, ANI or DNIS information, incoming telephone numbers, account numbers, or other parameters. Filters allow you to easily narrow search results so you can find inbound or outbound calls, calls made by a particular agent, or interactions conducted during a specific date range.

Right-time coaching: Deliver coaching and training to agents right at their desks. That way, they can review recorded interactions, evaluations, and additional training materials between calls or during scheduled training times to drive continuous improvement that doesn’t slow down contact center business.

Accessing what you need from agent calls easily and sending both the evaluation and the coaching and training piece back to the agent quickly makes for a seamless way to improve the quality of customer interactions.

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