Top 10 Trends for Improving Customer Satisfaction in 2013 - Part One

Posted by Linda Caudle

11/1/13 3:12 PM


Improving customer satisfaction and customer service is not what it used to be. Thanks to emerging technologies and trends, businesses now have unprecedented access to voice of the customer data to help deliver the best customer experience possible. Whereas, in the past, the contact center was just used to monitor call quality, today it’s seen as the driving force behind many businesses’ customer retention efforts.

  1. Communication channel preferences changing: Although customers still prefer voice as their go-to communication channel, self-service channels and digital channels – such as live chat and email – are quickly gaining ground. For example, there’s been a 12 percent rise in Web self-service usage, a 24 percent rise in chat usage, and a 25 percent increase in community usage over the past three years, according to Forrester.

  2. Mobile is a must: There has been a major push for mobile this year. Not only are companies taking their marketing and sales efforts mobile, but they are also aligning their mobile strategies with customer service.

  3. More personalization: With access to the full history of a customer’s past interactions, agents are now able to deliver a more personalized customer experience and ultimately strengthen customer loyalty. Because of this, companies will continue to invest in technologies that manage all communication channels, particularly social.

  4. Agile customer service: Customers expect a more agile, consistent experience – meaning they want to start an interaction in one communication channel and complete it in another. Because of this, companies will strive to create a unified customer service experience.

  5. Customer service no longer a cost center: While in the past, customer service organizations were primarily focused on productivity, efficiency and regulatory compliance instead of customer satisfaction, today is much different. Organizations now have a more balanced “scorecard” of metrics.
Check out part two of this series for the five more top trends for customer service in 2013.

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