Top Three Benefits of Desktop Analytics Software

Posted by Linda Caudle

3/10/14 3:58 PM


Desktop analytics software provide a complete picture of what’s occurring in the contact center – before, during, and after customer interactions. The data flooding in from an agent’s desktop is an invaluable tool for improving performance, process and efficiency in the contact center, ultimately improving the customer experience. The top three benefits of desktop analytics are as follows:
The ability to capture voice of the customer data. Desktop analytics collect every activity that occurs at an agent’s desktop during customer interactions, allowing you to discover and analyze patterns of customer behavior. Desktop analytics capture customer preferences, thoughts and actions right at the source, during contact center interactions. For example, if customers consistently ask a particular question or complain about a certain product or problem, this provides valuable data that can be used to improve the customer experience.

Real-time feedback and guidance for agents that can empower them to improve overall performance. Desktop analytics provide data on keystrokes, data entry, screen navigation, and other tasks and activities. Contact center agents can get real-time guidance on customer interactions, providing a continuous training and coaching cycle that results in more effective agents and better customer service.

The chance to identify problems with systems, processes, and operations. Desktop analytics can pinpoint problems at the source –the agent’s desktop –allowing contact centers to avoid costly errors, slowdowns, and bottlenecks. The data provided by desktop analytics helps identify opportunities for training, coaching, process improvement, and other initiatives.

Desktop analytics allows you to capture the valuable data that flows in through agent desktops every day, and leverage it to provide an improved customer experience.

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