Top Three Things Contact Centers are Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Posted by Linda Caudle

11/28/13 9:13 AM


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and with it comes a chance to express gratitude for the bountiful contact center benefits enjoyed this year. What are contact centers thankful for this holiday season? Let’s explore the top three below:

1. Voice of the customer data: Contact centers provide a wealth of voice of the customer data, giving companies valuable insight to customer activity, satisfaction, and complaints. Analyzing this data can help improve processes, drive stellar services, boost customer loyalty and retention, and shape an organization’s overall strategy to make it more successful and cost effective.

2. Desktop analytics: Every keystroke, screen navigation, and pre- and post-call activity contact center agents engage in provides information companies can use to get a clear picture of workflow and analyze agent effectiveness. Desktop analytics can also capture important data during customer interactions, such as caller ID, account numbers, and prompted digits. That’s information you can use to create a more efficient, streamlined, and service-oriented contact center.

3. Coaching and training software: Well-trained agents provide better service, and on-the-spot training available through software solutions can help support contact center agents right at their work stations. Coaching and training software can help improve call quality and customer service, reduce costs, and drive satisfaction for both contact center employees and customers.

Contact centers, once viewed as a revenue drain, are now recognized as a true asset because they increase customer satisfaction and encourage consumer loyalty – two benefits companies are undoubtedly thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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