New Years 2017 ~ Who Could Ask For Anything More

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
12/27/17 9:18 AM

Who could ask for anything more?  

Patents, awards, contracts and customers! There are times when you are so grateful, you just have to shout it out and tell all your friends. This year has been especially productive and rewarding making all of us at Envision so incredibly honored and proud.

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Fix the Biggest "Leaks" In Your Customer Experience

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
12/13/17 10:50 AM

Recently I ordered a product online. The experience was safe, easy, price competitive and the item was delivered right to my door step.  It occurred to me how many things had to go right to create this great customer experience.  Their website had to function well in various browsers. Their payment portal had to work properly. They needed to have my item in stock and be able to ship it by the promised date. Every step of the order and fulfillment process had to be perfect to produce a happy customer. Miss even one step and a customer would be disappointed.

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Do Your Best Agents Still Need Coaching?

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
9/28/17 8:49 AM

No matter what type of contact center, we all have agents with different levels of tenure, skill and motivation that inevitably leads to a bell curve of agent performance and effectiveness. We all desire our agents move to the upper end of the curve where that magic combination of high productivity and quality exists.

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You shouldn’t have said that!  You shouldn’t have done that!

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
8/14/17 9:13 AM

Have you ever had a coach or manager offer such helpful, or not so helpful, advice? Did it make you want to jump right in to the conversation and ask for guidance or did you, as most of us do, get defensive and try to explain your actions?

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Getting Your Customer Service Healed Up

Posted by John Rake
8/24/15 1:00 PM

Dealing with medical issues is generally unpleasant—inconvenient and anxiety-producing. Often these issues require repeated visits or phone calls to doctors’ offices and hospitals, which, in and of themselves, are time-consuming and nerve-wracking, nevermind the pain or discomfort the patient is feeling from his or her health concern.

Therefore, due to the “side effects” of their medical condition, patients may be more on edge than the average contact center customer when calling for assistance; after all, these are not your typical contact center inquiries about appliances or tech devices. The gravity of these issues makes customer satisfaction in healthcare a bigger challenge than in other, less personal, industries.

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Customer Service Best Practices: Are Your Customer Surveys Only Skin-deep?

Posted by John Rake
7/28/15 4:28 PM

Once upon a time, when a call center agent had resolved a customer’s issue, the caller was typically asked to answer a series of short questions about his or her experience on a 1 to5 ranking scale. Contact center managers could then manually compile those answers and try to evaluate agent performance and construct best practices using the responses as a road map. Still, without meaningful insight into what was behind those numerical rankings, improving customer satisfaction was a difficult chore.

Fortunately, contemporary contact centers have the opportunity to implement technology that facilitates more in-depth data collection and examination. Today’s best-in-class contact center software gathers information derived from phone, email, chat or any other channel available to the customer and helps break it into smaller chunks of actionable data. That information then becomes the foundation on which contact center managers build customer service best practices.

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Top Four Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

Posted by John Rake
7/7/15 9:00 AM

Right now, business leaders everywhere are looking for ways to improve customer service without spending a lot of money or overhauling current infrastructure. Now, thanks to recent innovations in workforce optimization software, this is possible.

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Why Financial Institutions Need Customer Analytics

Posted by Rebecca MacLeod
6/29/15 4:24 PM

Is your financial company’s contact center in the best possible position to acquire, retain and improve relationships with customers?
Are you hampered by incomplete agent training, subpar visibility into how your customers think and feel, lackluster oversight from managers or an inability to provide added value for existing customers who reach out?
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Improving Contact Center Agent Effectiveness: Generating ROI With a 21st Century Contact Center

Posted by John Rake
6/23/15 6:30 AM

If you’re looking to improve your contact center operations, hiring qualified agents and deploying a top-of-the-line customer relationship management solution are certainly steps in the right direction. These measures, however, are not the only pieces to the contact center puzzle. If you want to truly maximum your contact center’s value by transforming it from just a service hub to an ROI generator, you are going to have to go a bit further:

Create New Opportunities Using Big Data

Every interaction your employees have with customers generates information, and this information, taken as a whole, is commonly referred to as big data. If you don’t have the ability to collect and analyze information efficiently in your contact center right now, you are missing out on a whole sea of readily available business intelligence that you could be using to improve processes across your entire company.

For instance, with contact center software that can identify trending words and topics from all conversations and display them on a screen in real time, a manager would be able to recognize immediately when many consumers are calling to ask about a specific product. That information could be shared with the marketing department, which could create a special promotion—such as a “2 for 1”—giving customers an opportunity to save money on a purchase and helping your company boost sales. In the past, marketing would have had to track sales numbers for days or weeks to come up with a special offer; with real-time analytics, it can be accomplished almost immediately.  

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Click2Coach Cloud Delivers the Future of Contact Center Software

Posted by Ron Strandin
6/20/14 8:42 AM

When Envision started nearly 20 years ago, Envision was the first to put CTI, computer/telephony integration into a call quality product. Having the best technology at the time wasn’t enough though. We needed to ensure we gave them the tools to not only identify problems, but to make their agents better.

Click2Coach was initially created on the premise to make agents more effective. And that was revolutionary. Now, we are setting out to revolutionize the market again with Click2Coach Cloud. In our second video, I explain some of the history of Envision and the path we’ve taken to deliver the first cloud-based contact center solution with all of the features and functionality enterprise users expect at a price that enables SMBs to utilize the solution.

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