Unstructured Conversations In a Structured World

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
6/14/18 9:25 AM

Is your Quality Monitoring program the right fit for the Knowledge Workers in your contact center?  

With advances in technology, previously disparate teams of Knowledge Workers are now often working together as part of a contact center that was traditionally comprised of the Task Worker. 

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Fix the Biggest "Leaks" In Your Customer Experience

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
12/13/17 10:50 AM

Recently I ordered a product online. The experience was safe, easy, price competitive and the item was delivered right to my door step.  It occurred to me how many things had to go right to create this great customer experience.  Their website had to function well in various browsers. Their payment portal had to work properly. They needed to have my item in stock and be able to ship it by the promised date. Every step of the order and fulfillment process had to be perfect to produce a happy customer. Miss even one step and a customer would be disappointed.

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Do Your Best Agents Still Need Coaching?

Posted by Rodney Kuhn
9/28/17 8:49 AM

No matter what type of contact center, we all have agents with different levels of tenure, skill and motivation that inevitably leads to a bell curve of agent performance and effectiveness. We all desire our agents move to the upper end of the curve where that magic combination of high productivity and quality exists.

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