What’s On Your Contact Center PCI Compliance Checklist?

Posted by Linda Caudle

5/6/14 8:00 AM


When it comes to protecting sensitive consumer information, your company takes all of the appropriate measures. You have a robust digital security policy, a firewall that protects all of your data and comprehensive intrusion detection processes. You even encrypt data when it is transmitted over the Web.But have you considered the benefits of not storing sensitive information at all?

Right now, global malware is on the rise, and as recent high profile security breaches at Target (which cost CEO Gregg Steinhafel his job), Apple and Michael’s indicates, even companies that take digital security seriously stand the chance of getting hit with a data breach. When this happens, it can be all but impossible to restore consumer trust in your brand, no matter how hard you try.

It’s now possible to record conversations for the purpose of analyzing customer service without having to capture sensitive data, meaning you can reap all the benefits of a robust workforce optimization solution without having to worry about storing sensitive information at all.

Whether an agent is entering data into an online transaction screen, or reviewing existing customer data in another application, Envision’s Click2Coach software makes it possible to record the information you need while circumventing data that can be stolen and used against a customer. When an agent reaches a screen that contains personally identifiable information, the recording can pause. The recording can then resume once the agent is beyond the screen.

How does your company treat sensitive data? Do you have the tools you need to protect your employees and customers? Envision’s Click2Coach solution has all of the features that you need to ensure data integrity in your organization and uphold contact center PCI compliance.

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