What Does Improving Customer Satisfaction Mean to You?

Posted by Linda Caudle

10/10/13 3:06 PM


When you ask someone in the contact center industry what they think encompasses great customer service, you’re guaranteed to get a slew of different answers.

A friendly demeanor, expertise, efficiency, understanding – all these things quickly come to mind. However, there’s more to great customer service than just that. And, you should be ever striving to improving customer service.

In celebration of National Customer Service Week 2013, we asked some of the members of our Envision team what they think makes great customer service, which leads to improving customer satisfaction. Let’s see what they had to say:

“Processes and defining the details of what makes those experiences exceptional will vary from business to business, but the best customer service I have ever experienced and what I promote within my organization consist of three primary qualities – sincerity, aptitude and support.” – Peter Ferrara, Director of Customer Support

“I believe that great customer service can be best pictured in how the customer reacts to an issue and what you can do to resolve the issue on first contact. You do not always have to have the solution then and there; just showing the customer that you are working for them and that you have their best interest at heart is great.” – Ryan Russell, Support Engineer

“Caring on the inside produces high quality work on the outside. It is the obverse of quality. It’s as simple as that. People have to care. If they don’t, there’s no elegance; no flair or ‘WOW’, even if they do get the order right or the problem fixed promptly. In fact, working like this is much more satisfying due to the genuine gratitude you get from your customers. Great customer service is a safe harbor in a dog-eat-dog world.” – Steve Bloom, Support Engineer & Application Consultant

Tell us…what does improving customer satisfaction with first-class customer service mean to you?

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