What Your Customers and Transfer Students Have in Common

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

8/27/15 1:30 PM

Best_serviceIt’s no secret that the customer experience directly impacts contact center success. It’s why 96 percent of contact center managers recently polled by Deloitte said they expect their facilities to grow in the next two years in order to better support customer experience demands. It’s also why 85 percent believe that the customer experience provided through the contact center is a competitive differentiator.

So, how can managers improve the customer experience being provided through their facilities? By ensuring representatives are personal, attentive and thoughtful with each and every service interaction. This is a simple concept, but the value of this methodology goes a long way in terms of customer retention and, subsequently, revenue. In many ways this is no different than the experience that a college student has when entering his or her freshman year.

Consider this: A new study found that over one-third of all college students who started school in 2008 transferred to another school, usually from a community college to a four-year university. Why so many transfers?  While community schools offer excellent education at a more affordable price, some students felt they would benefit more from an authentic college experience-for example, moving away from home, perhaps out of state. This kind of experience is typically found by attending a traditional four-year university. What’s more, these students were willing to pay significantly more in tuition to attain this college experience.

Your customers likely aren’t paying tens of thousands of dollars to do business with you-as a college student would to attend a four-year university-however, the message remains that the experience is key. If your customers are unhappy with their experience they will find an alternative that they think will make them happier. In fact, 65 percent of customers recently surveyed by Parature said they have cut ties with a company over a single poor customer experience.

Your customers are not afraid to “transfer” from your business and move on to your competition. What are you doing to ensure an optimum customer experience?

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