When It Comes to Improving Customer Service, Is Bigger Always Better?

Posted by Linda Caudle

12/5/13 2:57 PM


While small businesses may not have the capital to compete with larger organizations, they do have an innate advantage – personalized customer service. In fact, when it comes to improving customer service, bigger isn’t always better.According to a recent survey conducted by CreditDonkey.com, 94.3 percent of respondents said small businesses meet or exceed their service expectations. When asked about their customer service experiences with big businesses, the rate of satisfaction dropped to 64.1 percent. Survey results indicate that small businesses do a better job at anticipating customer needs and problems, being polite and following up.

With customers expecting better customer service, small businesses have quite the reputation to uphold. Oftentimes, small businesses might not see themselves as operating a contact center, but the reality is that they are. And while small contact centers have their own set of unique challenges to overcome, customer service is the same no matter the size of the operation.

In order to uphold their good reputation, small businesses need a robust set of tools to help them identify trends, define strategies to stay ahead of the competition, and dive deep into the mind and motivation of their customers, which is exactly where desktop analytics comes into play.

Desktop analytics helps businesses get the most complete picture of what’s happening before, during and after a customer interaction. Moreover, desktop analytics helps gather critical voice of the customer data, which can then be used to identify trends, define strategies to stay ahead of the competition and gain insight into the minds and motivation of customers.

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