Why Contact Centers Need to Continually Evolve to Survive

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

11/5/15 1:30 PM

As consumer behavior and technology evolves, contact center managers must reassess their current policies to ensure their organizations can thrive. Today, customers are talking, texting, tweeting and chatting more than ever. Their lifestyles demand fast, convenient access to information, and, if you haven’t already started an account, Twitter is a perfect place to begin keeping up with the pace; especially during the holiday season.

In fact, Twitter recently released a holiday shopping guide, providing insights from research based on holiday shopping conversations from 2014. The data not only helps retailers determine the most effective timing of their Tweets, but can also help them craft messaging that will resonate from now through the new year.

What Twitter’s research found:

Come November, shoppers are more than ready to buy and will increasingly Tweet with brands to get product information. It’s vital that contact center agents are trained to respond to this form of communication. Consumers are increasingly turning to Twitter, with more than 80 percent of customer service requests on social happening there, according to Social Bakers. This means it’s crucial that someone is consistently checking your company’s Twitter feed to ensure that timely responses are made to all consumer inquiries. This should always be common practice, but it’s especially necessary during the holidays when competition between brands is fierce. Also, Twitter found that when users receive a response on social media, 77 percent feel more positively toward the brand.

As December rolls around, people are feeling the stress to get their shopping done and are expressing frustration over lack of product availability. Indeed, Tweets reflecting anger and sadness make up a fifth of the holiday conversation. This is once again an opportunity for contact centers to step up their customer service and engage. For example, help consumers find the products they’re looking for, or give them appropriate suggestions for alternative gifts.

Twitter can be a valuable tool to help any contact center enhance its customer experience. Follow these tips, and your company will be well on its way to a very merry holiday shopping season.

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