Why Contact Centers Need to Get Social With Your Customers

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

12/31/15 1:30 PM


More and more people are choosing to bypass the telephone when interacting with an organization for customer-related issues. Instead they’re turning to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, which have increasingly become important channels through which consumers are soliciting and receiving customer service. 

While social media is an evolving channel for most enterprises, those who embrace it as an essential listening and engagement tool for customer service have the opportunity to clearly differentiate their brand in the marketplace. Rather than employing your marketing and social media professionals to handle this, as many businesses do, leverage the customer care experts—your contact center—for a more proficient and effective social customer service. Here’s why:

Simply having a social media presence isn’t enough, companies need to monitor and respond to posts in a timely manner. When customers have an issue or inquiry with a company, they want to resolve it quickly and effortlessly. Recent surveys reported in the news media found that customers expect a response to a complaint posted on a brand’s social media account within one hour, with only 17.6 percent of brands striving to meet this expectation, according to a study from the Social Media Marketing University. These findings illustrate a widening gap between customer expectations in social media and most brands’ social practices.

Generally, marketing and social media professionals work a 40 hour week, leaving a lot of time for customers’ social posts to go unanswered. Assigning the responsibility for monitoring, tagging and resolving customer service requests and issues to your contact center agents, who are already scheduled with varying shifts around the clock, can cost-effectively expand your social media hours of operation while improving your response time for customer service issues.

When it comes to handling service related issues, your contact center agents are the experts. Implementing contact center workforce software with time management tools will also enable managers to successfully forecast, schedule and maintain real-time adherence, so when adding social to your customer service, your contact center can help businesses give your multi-skilled trained agents more opportunity to engage with its customers while establishing best customer experience and response time. 

Social media has the amazing potential for delivering timely, effective customer support. By following these guidelines your contact center can improve your company’s responsiveness, while also gaining valuable insights into your customers’ expectations for providing exceptional customer care.

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