With Customer Service Week Behind Us, How Can Contact Centers Do Better?

Posted by Rodney Kuhn

11/12/15 1:30 PM

Now that the well-deserved celebrating and pats on the back of Customer Service Week are over, it’s time for managers to take stock of their contact centers. This is the perfect time to review and overhaul your existing customer service initiatives and introduce some new ones.

Here are three sure-fire tips to get you started:

  1. Throw a little competition into the mix: Give your agents added enticement to improve their performance by encouraging them to compete with each other, which should motivate them to boost their productivity. To get started, deploy a workforce optimization solution with agent analytics. This will not only enable managers to immediately review an agent’s performance, but also allows agents to readily see how well they and their colleagues are performing. This should get the competitive juices flowing and lead to improved functioning of your contact center.
  2. Implement e-learning for more efficient agent training: Now that your agents are motivated, thanks to some healthy competition, give them the means to channel that energy into improving their customer service skills. Provide your agents with tools that enable them to customize their contact center training by implementing software with a built-in automated coaching system. This sort of system allows agents to access recordings of evaluated customer interactions, and because it’s customizable, each agent can focus on the specific skills he or she needs to improve upon the most.
  3. Recognize stand-out employees: Taking stock in your content center also means evaluating each individual employee and his or her performance. Those who continuously excel deserve appreciation, both verbally and financially. Also, give your agents the opportunity to develop their skills in other areas of the business for future career advancement.

Implement these initiatives with your agents, and your company is well on its way to securing a more productive and effective contact center.

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