Agent Improvement: Making Agent Training Stick

Posted by John Rake

7/14/15 4:26 PM

Click2coach workforce optimizationWhen contact center agents are hired, they typically go through fairly comprehensive training before ever interacting with a live customer. Thinking on the fly, solving problems on the spot and dealing with customers of varying temperaments is not an easy task, so managers need to be sure customer service representatives are fully prepared before they send them into action.

But what happens after a few months go by, as the agent settles into the job? Even those most committed, high-performing employees are likely to forget some parts of their training in the midst of the high-pressure contact center environment.

And what about when managers decide to make adjustments to best practices based on data they have gathered over time? How can they be sure representatives who have been around awhile get trained on the changes?

The best way for managers to ensure their agents don’t fall into bad habits is to provide ongoing call center coaching. Rather than allowing performance levels to dip in the months following training, consistent agent improvement should be the top priority for supervisors. And bleeding-edge contact center software like Click2Coach from Envision helps make that goal a reality.

One of the unique and most beneficial features Click2Coach offers is customized coaching packages that can be created by managers to send to agents. These packages can include recordings of previous interactions, links to training materials, a quick training video or a host of other materials. Additionally, Click2Coach offers agent improvement tools like:

Net Performance Score

A single score for agent performance that encompasses quality monitoring, agent adherence, back-office activity, speech analytics and customer survey results.

Standard Reporting

Collected data that supervisors can use to analyze and grade customer interactions and agent performance. These reports allow managers to start coaching agents toward improvement immediately.

Flexible Search

A feature that allows managers to search for relevant recordings quickly and easily, filtering by date, duration, agent name or other categories. Supervisors can then include the materials in a coaching package or use them for any other purpose.

Not only does ongoing training help with improving customer interactions, research shows it also improves employee engagement and retention. That can be a major boon to a company’s bottom line, as a recent Deloitte study revealed that companies spend an average of $3,000 per new hire and that the value of an employee increases over time.

The bottom line is that it is unrealistic to expect even the brightest, hardest-working contact center agents to remember every aspect of their initial training or make positive strides without guidance. Likewise, it is difficult for managers to improve overarching performance in their contact centers without access to best-in-class training tools. In other words, everybody needs a little help sometimes.

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