Are Your Customers Getting Tricked or Treated With Your Service?

Posted by John Rake

10/20/15 7:30 AM

Click2coach workforce optimization“Trick or Treat?” is a fine question to ask at doors on Halloween night, but when your customers come a knockin’ for service, there should be no response that isn’t a “treat.” In other words, with consumer experiences serving as a major differentiator in today’s marketplace, if you hope to remain competitive, your customers should always be “treated” to excellent service when they reach out to your contact center.

So, how do you make certain you aren’t frightening consumers away with scary, or just plain bad, customer service? The best way to ensure you are offering quality customer interactions is to employ well-trained, highly professional contact center agents. And the most efficient, cost-effective way to coach and train agents is to adopt Click2Coach—contact center software from Envision.

With Click2Coach, your contact center supervisors can record interactions, analyze information and take appropriate action all from their desktops. Using the solution, managers can:

  • Capture voice of the customer data across a variety of channels—such as email, social media, Web chat and more—to find out what topics are trending with customers now and take action based on that information
  • Increase operational efficiency with multidimensional analytics and work with agents to help them take performance to a new level
  • Transform every interaction into lasting customer relationships with coaching to improve agent effectiveness


The last thing you want your agents to hand out this Halloween is “tricky” rotten fruit instead of delicious candy “treats.” Make sure every visitor to your contact center feels like he or she is receiving a “treat” with agents that are experts in customer care. So, are you looking to sweeten your customer service and give your business a boost? Click here to register for a free 30-day trial of Click2Coach.

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