Benefits of Implementing a Work at Home Call Center Agent Program

Posted by Linda Caudle

10/4/13 3:00 PM


Many contact centers grapple with the decision of implementing a work at home call center agents model, often fearing that agent productivity and efficiency will suffer when agents work remotely from home. However, recent research provides compelling evidence that says otherwise.

A recent experiment performed by professors at Stanford University and Beijing University found that at-home workers were more productive, spending nine percent more time on calls and handling four percent more calls per minute. Moreover, workers reported being happier and were less likely to quit.

From contact centers to health insurers, companies from all sectors are adopting home-based models. In fact, more than 13.4 million people, or 9.5 percent of the workforce, now work at home, according to a 2012 Census Bureau report. For contact centers, this trend has particularly caught fire as it provides several significant benefits including:

  1. Improved agent satisfaction: Contact centers are notorious for having high employee turnover rates. Let’s face it; keeping your agents satisfied can be difficult. But giving them the flexibility to work at home can help increase satisfaction. According to the aforementioned study, employees who worked from home reported higher job satisfaction and were 50 percent less likely to leave than their colleagues who remained in the office.
  2. Increased productivity: The more satisfied an employee is the more productive they oftentimes are. When working from home, agents don’t have to deal with common workplace distractions or a daily commute, giving them more time to concentrate on important tasks.
  3. Lower operational costs: Maintaining a brick and mortar facility can be extremely costly. By implementing a home-based program and eliminating the overhead of a brick and mortar facility, businesses can significantly cut costs.
  4. Greater customer retention: Happy employees make for happy consumers and happy customers are loyal customers.
With advances in technology implementing a home-based model is simpler than ever before. However, to ensure agent effectiveness, contact centers must implement a coaching and training program specifically catered to the remote worker.

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