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Posted by Linda Caudle

1/22/14 6:02 PM


We’re not just throwing out these words. We mean it.

At the end of 2012, Envision took an in-depth look at our products, the market and the competition. And our conclusion was this…our product needed to be updated, the market— mostly consisting of contact centers with fewer than 75 seats—was underserved and the number of vendors in the contact center workforce optimization space is staggering.

Let’s face it. If a contact center wants to deploy a traditional workforce optimization system, it is a major project. It will take weeks of implementation time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in software and hardware to get it done. And if you want to add data or speech to your data, well, you’ve just added on to the already-high price tag.

So we set out to extend our 20-year history of innovation and do something nobody else was doing…create an enterprise-class workforce optimization solution that can be deployed in any size contact center, help desk or support group that doesn’t cost a lot of money and is easier to install, easier to use and easier to maintain.

And that’s what we did.

We created a single, downloadable application that records voice, screen, CTI and provides agent analytics…for $50 per agent, per month. The application records the phone with CTI data, all screen activity, the desktop workflow and application data. You’ve also got all of the agent analytics, agent evaluation, coaching and voice of the customer analytics to give small or large customers the full functionality they need and want.

No more switch integrations…no more hardware integrations. And, it’s all in the cloud.

We’ve also moved to a SaaS-based pricing model to provide our customers with a no hassle, flexible experience. So if you are a seasonal operation, you can easily ramp up the number of agents you’d like to record during your busy season and then go back to a normal cycle.

And probably one of the best things about this solution is that you can easily try it before you buy it. Because it’s so easy to install and start using in under an hour, you can try the product out on a smaller number of agents to see if it will work for your business before you deploy across the entire contact center.

I’m thrilled by the response of our customers so far. I especially like this quote from Victoria Cosby, manager at Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift of America, Inc.: “Coming from a 70 seat center I thought you had to spend a lot of money…cost justifications wise. And I’m sure many people like me think that, but you don’t. I had no idea how affordable it could be. And certainly the end result is…as they say in the Visa card commercial, it’s invaluable, it’s priceless.”

I encourage you to check out Click2Coach Cloud and see for yourself the benefits of this truly unique and cost effective solution.

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