Break the Chains That Hold Your Workforce Optimization Strategy Back

Posted by Linda Caudle

4/8/14 4:03 PM

11Workforce optimization has gained a reputation for being a complicated, time consuming and expensive process. But now, things have changed and contact center managers have the ability to rewrite the rules and turn the contact center into a revenue-driving force.

It is now possible to easily integrate workforce optimization software directly into the contact center without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. As the webcast will explain, here are some of the biggest benefits that investing in a cutting edge workforce optimization solution will provide for your enterprise:

Capture richer data: You might be capturing data, but is it the right kind? In the past, call times were one of the most highly regarded call center metrics. But now, there is more of a focus on looking at the granular details of what is actually happening on a call. For instance, are agents really capturing what callers are saying? This webinar will tell you what data to look for in your contact center.

Leverage data to gain insight: Capturing data isn’t enough to create results. The key is to make it actionable by transforming raw data into charts, graphs and reports that agents can analyze and learn from. By leveraging data once it is collected, agents can then use it to notice trends and improve performance.

Improve operational efficiency: Learn how your agents work so that you can find new ways of instructing them on how to improve. When you gain the ability to see an agent working in real time, you will be able to find out where they can cut corners to speed up and excel instead of getting caught up on small problems that will ultimately waste time.

Transform your contact center into a tool for change: One of the best parts about a contact center is that it provides the opportunity to listen to what customers are saying about your company. A workforce optimization solution will provide the opportunity to take what these customers are saying and then use it to drive actual change in your company.

Are you interested in seeing how a cutting edge workforce optimization solution can help you improve efficiencies and drive profits in your contact center?

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